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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Secured Web Server

Are you searching for the right reasons to have a much securer web server?  Are you afraid that your business website is under risk if it is not secured? Your doubts and anxieties are legitimate. Every business requires a secured web server and it matters. Did you know that 85% of consumers would abandon a purchase if the data is sent over an unsecured connection? We are covering it all from hosting services, Pakistan cloud hosting to different aspects of having security. Here are some reasons why any business would require a secured web server.

1-) Hacking Attacks:

From the earliest times of internet dawn till now many website attacks have been encountered. In 2016, Google reported that the number of hacks was up to 32%. If an attack becomes successful then the website ends up being blacklisted from search engines. Stats show that Google blacklists close to 20,000 websites a week for malware and -50,000 a week for phishing and these figures have been raised for a while. This is the reason why most of the business websites avail the best web hosting services and their packages which can provide enough security for their websites.

2) Increased Google Rankings:

One of the main reasons why your business needs a secured server is because of the fact that these days, approximately over 40%of the websites on the first page are https as it is the result of having an SSL Certificate. An SSL certificate is a product that you are actually purchasing and installing on your server. With https supported by this certification, your website will appear on the first page of Google.

Google has favored all the HTTPS sites as it wants to ensure the best user experience for their customers and so they do not want to send searchers to insecure websites. No business would be treated as secondary or less important and that is why it should have secured a web server.

3) Reputation on Stake:

If a potential customer visits your website and catches a virus or some kind of malware in the process it is most likely that he/she will not visit w website soon. Before even that happens, damage can be done before the customer reaches the website as web browsers often warn a website visitor about the infected website.  For any sane person, only warning is enough to scare. As a result, the business gets affected and that is why it requires a secured web server.

4) Website Gets Blacklisted:

As mentioned above, when websites are searched or opened with the message that “this site may harm your system or computer” appears in a search result. This message when viewed by the customer or visitor of your website will give a bad impression to the point your customer will not visit the website at all in the future. Once the website is hacked, it is put into the blacklist and it goes through major setback and loses more than 95%of its customers.

5) Drop-in Revenue:

No business whether it is small or large wants to suffer from losing or drop in revenue. As businesses are mostly handled online and people rely on the search engines to gather any wanted information about products and services. SEO also plays a crucial role in helping to gain profit and revenue to business through websites.

This is the reason why every business requires a secured web server so that they do not face any unwanted reputational challenge for their business or major loss of customers in any form. Moreover, when a website which does not include “https” is considered as insecure and a hindrance to the security of the website.


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