To BIC/SWIFT Code Lookup or check your desired banks BIC/SWIFT Code, Just type your  Banks Name or BIC/SWIFT Code.

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BIC / SWIFT Code Lookup:

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You can easily BIC Code / SWIFT Code Lookup from this websites search box. Just type your bank’s name and address on this search box. You will get your BIC / swift code details. And you can also get your desired banks BIC / SWIFT code by this following ways: 

  • You can easily find your BIC or SWIFT code in your bank account statements.
  • Swift code lookup your Banks official website.
  • Banks mobile application.
  •  Banks Leflect or papers.
  • By searching google, Because many 3rd party website like us provide this information.

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What is Swift Code?

A SWIFT code is an international bank code that identifies particular banks worldwide. It’s also known as a Bank Identifier Code (BIC). Comm Bank uses SWIFT codes to send money to overseas banks.
A SWIFT code consists of 8 or 11 characters. Learn more.

What is BIC Code of A Bank?

The elaboration form of BIC Code is Bank Identifier Code. BIC Code is the SWIFT Address assigned to a bank in order to send automated payments quickly and accurately to the banks concerned. For this, BIC Code is also known as SWIFT Code. It uniquely identifies the Bank’s name or financial Institution’s name, country, (and sometimes the branch) and head office location of the bank. BIC Code can be either 8 or 11 characters code.

Swift Code

Let’s we analysis this 11 digit Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Foreign Exchange Branch BIC Code or SWIFT Code WFBIUS6WFFX

  • Here 1st 4 letter bank name: Wells Fargo Bank and 4 letter code is WFBI
  • Here 5th & 6th Country United States and 2 letter ISO Code is US
  • Here This bank head office 2 letter location code is 6W
  • This banks Branch office is N.A. Foreign Exchange Branch and 3 digit branch code is FFX

Learn more details from Analysis of SWIFT Code. See more details from Wikipedia.

Use of swift Code or BIC Code:

  • Actually, SWIFT codes or BIC Codes are used to identify banks and financial institutions worldwide. They are used by the swift network to transmit wire transfers (money transactions) and messages between them.
  • For international wire transfers, swift codes / BIC Codes are always required in order to make transactions secure and fast.
  • Swift code / BIC Code is used to withdraw money from market place, they need – as like as – Google adsense, youtube, upword, fiverr, etc.

For details see the Use of SWIFT Code

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