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Copyright Statement for Our Website.
All the Article of our website maintains full copyrights. We do not allow republication of our content. Please refer to the information below for more details.

Share our content by Linking, but Do Not by Copy
If you find an article on our website which you like and you think that this article will also be useful for your readers, then Please share it with your audience, we encourage you to link to the article. This is how the Internet is supposed to work, and it fully complies with U.S. and international copyright laws. We encourage you to link to our website as you see fit.

But copying an entire article onto your own website is strictly prohibited, and constitutes copyright infringement.

How to Quote an Article
We encourage you to cite/Quote articles from our website. If you think that your readers would find this websites article will be useful for your reader and interesting, then you may quote small portions of an article (one or two sentences) along with your citation hyperlink. This is referred to as “fair use” in copyright lingo. Here’s an example of how to properly quote an article from our website:

According to the Banks Info, “most mortgage lenders want to see a FICO credit score of 640 or higher. If you use the FHA program, you might be able to get approved with a score below this range.” –Source

If you have any questions about how to cite an article or news story, you can email us at

How do We Handle Plagiarism?
We have a zero-tolerance policy for our plagiarism, because it harms our business. When a webmaster copy our articles without consent, they are stealing more than the article itself. They are potentially stealing traffic, revenue and brand recognition. These are things we work hard to acquire. Thus, we take plagiarism very seriously.

When we encounter plagiarized versions of our articles, we take the following steps:

  • We use Copyscape on a weekly basis to find occurrences of plagiarism.
  • We will first send a polite request to the owner of the offending website, asking that the plagiarized content be removed.
  • If the owner of the website does not respond to our initial request, we will send a second request along with a warning of the actions below.
  • If the webmaster still refuses to correct the situation, we will file a DMCA complaint with their web-hosting company.
  • We will work closely with their web host to have the offending website or web page shut down
    This is obviously a big waste of time for all parties involved. That is why we ask webmasters to behave in a professional manner. If you have any questions about our copyright statement, please send an email to

Thanks for being a responsible publisher.

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